Michelle Ellington


BBBY: What words best describe you?

MICHELLE: I am very Loving & Affectionate, Compassionate & Caring, Creative, Driven, Determined…..


BBBY: Who is one of the most inspirational women in your life? And why?

MICHELLE: My mother is one of the most inspirational women in my life. She’s Strong, Resilient, Courageous, Bold and very very unique. And Her Love! The way she loves her children/grandchildren in particular is priceless. Her thoughtful-caring nature, her skills, creativity, Wisdom & Discernment inspires me. Oh and Her cleanliness…. LOL!

Some of the greatest things I prize about myself, I learned from her. She is truly truly a GEM, a one-of-a-kind hidden Gem, still being polished. I Love her!


BBBY: What was the inspiration for starting your own business/staring in this business?

MICHELLE: I’ve been doing hair since I was a child, but never had a desire to do it professionally. I had dreams of being in Hollywood and thought I’d be the one in the chair getting styled. LOL

When I became pregnant, I was a claims specialist. I knew that I did not want to be stuck in that field of work. With lots of prayer and consideration, I stepped out on faith, quit my job and enrolled into Gene Juarez.  It was one of the absolute BEST decisions of my life.


BBBY: What is the mission behind your/this business?

MICHELLE: The mission & Purpose behind the Michelle Ellington Brand is to ‘Transform Lives through Beauty!’

I realized long ago that my work is truly ministry. I would go in for work and God would say, “here is your assignment…….!” I learned early that it wasn’t just about the external work (doing hair) but more importantly, the internal work!

My mission is to create/maintain an image that one can be proud of; by way of designing hairstyles tailored to compliment each individual. In addition, to create convenience for the ‘woman on the go’ or even those who are dealing with ‘hair loss’ by creating timeless hairpieces (wigs) from my ‘Glamour On the Go’ Crown Collection. Ultimately my goal Is to create a ‘unique experience’ for each and every client. I truly want clients to not only look their absolute best, but to feel their absolute best when they leave my chair! I care about beautiful healthy hair, but more importantly, I care about my clients internally. I desire to see them prospering!


BBBY: What challenges did you face when starting your own business/in this business?

MICHELLE: I think one of my greatest challenges was setting boundaries and adhering to them. People will take advantage of your kindness if you allow them. Learning to create honest, realistic, healthy boundaries was a must! 


BBBY: Do you have a life mission or inspirational quote that you live by?

MICHELLE: Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


BBBY: What inspires you to do what you do?

MICHELLE: Seeing lives transformed, renewed & changed….. It’s so much deeper than hair!

My goal is NOT to promote vanity nor is it about chasing money . I desire to promote authentic inner & outer beauty, self love & care, healing, passion, purpose and again, creating amazing beautiful healthy hair, precision haircuts/styles tailored to each individual and the best custom Crowns (Wigs) money can buy!  


BBBY: Tell us about a time in your life, where you felt most powerful as a woman.

MICHELLE: There was a time when I spent a large portion of my days in prayer/worship for a long season. The more I prayed, the deeper I went, the deeper I went, my desire grew, as my desire grew, so did my love and adoration for God. The more time I spent, the more clear & sharp I became, the more clear, sharp, consistent, diligent & obedient I became, the more God began to speak & reveal his heart & mysteries…  In that season, was when I realized the power that really dwelled within me. Through diligence in prayer, faith & obedience, I literally learned how to war.. I saw mountains being moved and giants being slayed.. I saw Gods mighty hand at work in a way that I never knew was possible. We have direct access to a sovereign God. I felt powerful because we truly are powerful beyond measure and we have a limitless supply of all we need to carry out our assignment.


BBBY: What has made you most proud and why?

MICHELLE: Honestly……through every trial, every tribulation, every failure, every measure of success and everything else that sums up my life up until this point…… Is not and has not been in vain. I’m called, I’ve been chosen, my name is written and the story is still unfolding.

I am Favored by God, Loved by God and tremendously Blessed by God. My name Michelle even means; “Who is like God!” 

He has given me much… A wonderful Husband, children, family, a career, ministry, his Holy Spirit, gifts, talents, purpose and a beautiful legacy to leave behind to those I am called to touch, will know I was here. I want to impart, impact & inspire!


BBBY: What's the most important lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur or as you started in this business?

MICHELLE: The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity…

Be intentional about your life, where your headed and what’s presently at hand. Always be preparing so when opportunity knocks at your door; you don’t have to get ready because you will already be ready!


BBBY: What are 3 tips you can share with aspiring entrepreneurs or someone ready to go after their dreams?

MICHELLE: 1. Don’t ever chase money. Identify your passion, seek your purpose/calling, pray and chase that….the money will follow!

2. Be clear on your goals.. Write the vision and make it plain… Take action!!!!

3. Integrity, good Character & Patience is a must. Work hard & earn your way to the top. Love, Believe in YOU & Be gentle with Yourself!


BBBY: Fill in the blank: I feel most empowered when I___________________

MICHELLE: pray, exercise, prepare, conquer my fears, crush goals, see my family/household thriving, traveling, serving others. Ultimately, making the time to do the things I love. Positioning myself to be at 200% so I can give 100% in all I do, most importantly, when I’m in complete alignment with God.

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