Re`Shaughn Garden

BBBY: What words best describe you? 

RE'SHAUGHN: Genuine, strong, loving, passionate, generous, persistent, stubborn, ambitious, unique and determined!


BBBY: Who is one of the most inspirational women in your life? And why? 

RE'SHAUGHN: The most inspirational woman in my life is my Mother. She has always taught me to treat others with respect and dignity. She's always pushing me to do better and to be better. But the most important thing is to keep God in everything that I do. To give him all the glory for my gifts that he has blessed me with. To pray and ask him for his guidance in everything that I do. And to ALWAYS remain humble and grateful.


 BBBY: What was the inspiration for starting your own business/staring in this business? 

RE'SHAUGHN: I’ve always loved to cook and bake but my true passion is baking. I started baking with a friend and through that experience I found that I was truly passionate about baking. It started being more about the person and not so much about the cake. The friendships that I have built through pastries and desserts have been amazing. I must thank my now 8-year-old niece Simone for pushing and believing in me to do my first fondant cake. LOL! She was adamant about having a custom designed cake, and because of her it forced me outside of the box and the journey has been unforgettable. 


BBBY: What is the mission behind your/this business? 

RE'SHAUGHN: To express my creativity by providing 100% customer satisfaction and to always deliver sweet treats of exceptional quality.


BBBY: What challenges did you face when starting your own business/in this business? 

RE'SHAUGHN: Dealing with the unknown! Am I good enough? Do I have the skills needed to be the best? Will my clients like my products? The list goes on and on! I’ve learned to focus on the positive and to work my way through the negative. I’ve learned I can’t share my dreams with everyone because not everyone wants me to succeed and that’s ok. If I continue to commit to doing what’s right and doing right by others, there’s nothing that I cannot accomplish. 


BBBY: Do you have a life mission or inspirational quote that you live by? 

RE'SHAUGHN: “To whom much is given, much will be required”. I always remind myself that nothing worth having comes easy!


BBBY: What inspires you to do what you do? 

RE'SHAUGHN: My customers!!! Through this journey, I’ve met some incredible people and I’ve formed some lifetime friendships. I never thought that making a cake or cupcakes could bless someone.


BBBY: Tell us about a time in your life, where you felt most powerful as a woman. 

RE'SHAUGHN: Everyday!! LOL! I have to be honest, when I am over booked, my anxiety is at an all-time high, I’m juggling the ends and outs of my day job on top of running and growing my business, having all the duties of being a wife and a mother...I amaze myself. 


BBBY: What has made you most proud and why? 

RE'SHAUGHN: I’m most proud of not giving up when I was burned out. It’s easy to give up but it takes heart, dedication, discipline and consistency to achieve your goals.   


BBBY: What's the most important lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur or as you started in this business? 

RE'SHAUGHN: One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is to protect my brand. My brand is what sets me apart, my first impression can be my last. Whether I am dealing with a stranger, friend or family member, I always maintain the highest level or professionalism.


BBBY: What are 3 tips you can share with aspiring entrepreneurs or someone ready to go after their dreams?


  1.  Branding – Your brand is how your   customer perceives you and it sets you apart. Treat each customer like they are your only customer. Your brand is what keeps people coming back and referring you to others. It’s about creating an experience of warmth and connection – it can't always be about the transaction. 

  2. Passion – You must be PASSIONATE about whatever goods and services you are providing. When I am baking, or designing cakes I have fun, yes, it is a lot of work but the satisfaction that I receive when it’s all done is amazing. It’s time to create happiness while doing the things we are passionate about.

  3. Setting Goals – In corporate America, goal setting is essential when climbing the corporate ladder and it is essential in growing and taking your business to the next level.  Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive. Make sure that you have someone that can hold you accountable. It's easy to lose track when you’re trying to juggle starting a business and raising a family. Having a strong support system is crucial while building your business.


BBBY: Fill in the blank: I feel most empowered 

RE'SHAUGHN: I feel most empowered when I am encouraging others to pursue their dreams! 



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