BBBY: What words best describe you?

LATAUNYA: Hard Working, Loyal, Confident, Half Beast-Half Diva


BBBY: Who is one of the most inspirational women in your life? And why?

LATAUNYA: My mom! She demonstrates what a strong, black women looks like. She is by far the most loving, giving and determined woman I know! She is a mother of 4, grandmother of 4 and an amazing pastors wife. My mom is 64 years young and still going after her dreams! She is currently getting her BA in Psychology with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. She inspires and pushes me to be great! My mom is!


BBBY: What was the inspiration for starting your own business? 

LATAUNYA: I have always had a vision to own my own business. What inspired me to start my own business was realizing a regular 9-5 was not for me. What drove me to go after it was seeing family members battling with health challenges I know could be prevented by simply exercising and eating healthy. 


BBBY: What is the mission behind your business?

LATAUNYA: My mission is to “Spoon Feed” people one spoonful at a time! Many people get discouraged and quick to throw in the towel because they expect to get results overnight which is unrealistic. In order to stay in the fight you have to encourage yourself, bob and weave doubt, keep your eyes on the prize, take it one day at a time and go for the knockout! 


BBBY: What challenges did you face when starting your own business?

LATAUNYA: Going over my budget! 


BBBY: Do you have a life mission or inspirational quote that you live by?

LATAUNYA: “There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A” 

~Will Smith~


BBBY: What inspires you to do what you do?

LATAUNYA: Understanding that God gave me this gift, which inspires me to do what I do. 


BBBY: Tell us about a time in your life, where you felt most powerful as a woman.

LATAUNYA: I felt most powerful when I was selected to compete on American Ninja Warrior 2 years in a row! There are more men selected than women and I proved women can conquer anything! 


BBBY: What has made you most proud and why?

LATAUNYA: Hearing my parents tell me how proud they are of me is what makes me most proud. I say that because it confirms I am doing something right and to me that is one of the best feelings! They have sacrificed so much for me and I believe one of the best gifts I can ever give my parents is making sure I am successful and living a life that is pleasing to God. 


BBBY: What's the most important lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur?

LATAUNYA: Understanding that it is okay to ask for help!  


BBBY: What are 3 tips you can share with aspiring entrepreneurs or someone ready to go after their dreams?


                 1. Have a Business Plan

                2. Understanding that FEAR and DOUBT are related to FAILURE, which should NEVER be an option! You can’t live life simply avoiding your FEARS! Living and working with passion means giving your all because you believe in the possibilities of SUCCESS! ENCOURAGE YOURSELF! Tell yourself you will be successful and make it happen! 

                3. Don’t share your plans with everyone because not everyone wants to see you successful. 


BBBY: Fill in the blank: I feel most empowered when I__________________


LATAUNYA: I feel most empowered when I SEE THE FINISH!


LaTaunya Witherspoon 

Owner of SpoonFed Training

Certified Personal Trainier

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